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Dendromecon harfordii or rigida

Dendromecon harfordii or rigida

Dendromecon harfordii, or Bush Island Poppy, is a large, sprawling shrub/tree that grows to 12-15'x 12' wide. It has grayish green leaves that are large and seem to be coated in epoxy, the plant has such an amazing color spectrum: leaves bluish-grayish-green with hints of purple, with the most gorgeous yellow and orange flowers that never stop flowering. This particular shrub comes from the Channel Islands so it doesn't do as well in the interior where it freezes. Yet, there is a variety that one can see inland in Chaparral hills called Dendromecon rigida. It has smaller leaves and smaller flowers. One can see it blooming on West Camino Cielo rd. above Santa Barbara, up on Harris Grade in the hills above Lompoc, as well as in the hills bedhind Purissima mission in Lompoc. This variety can handle freezes better.

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