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Abutilon palmeri, Superstition mallow

Landscaping with California Natives

We are Apiana Native Landscaping. We operate out of  Santa Barbara County, CA..we can transform your habit: lawn and  water-wasting plants into a habitat--a beautiful environment of California natives that  flourishes with 1/3  the water and will naturalize to the southern/central California climate in 2 years.  Beautiful, environmentally-conscious, educational, and truly native. A native habitat is very low maintenance, needing very little help to become established.   Why not experience hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and birds you never knew existed?

Something gorgeous is always blooming in a native garden.
We specialize in creating native plant habitats, for residential  landscapes/commercial landscapes to wildlife insectory/pollinator corridors for agricultural/commercial uses.
 A recent study found that native gardens can use 83% less water; generate 56% less green waste, and require 68% less maintenance than traditional lawns and traditional gardens....

Native Insectary/ Pollinator Corridors

Apiana Native Landscaping has an emphasis in creating native corridors of pollinators and insectary (beneficial insect attracting) plants. The idea of this being in areas of monoculture/agriculture, we can provide native corridors that are beautiful and attract pollinators (birds, bees and insects that pollinate plants) as well as predatory insects that feed on insects that threaten a monoculture(areas where people are trying to grow just one crop). We design and install these corridors and provide maintenance for them.


CA. Lic. #984166.

About Us

Apiana Native Landscaping replaces lawns with earth-friendly native landscapes, restoration projects, and California native plant consultation/design.





-Maintenance   {of Native Gardens}

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CA. Lic. #984166.

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