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As you will see, contrary to popular, yet uninformed belief, the natives of our state/region are not brown sticks or just spiny cacti. We live in a specific climate that is not a desert. We live in the mediterranean. The plants that grow here as natives are unforgettable, gorgeous, and very resilient. As of now, we are in a drought.  But the plants can shut down their structure and survive until the rains come.  Click on the images above to take a look at a sampling of the beauty and variety of california natives.


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CA. Lic. #984166.

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Coreopsis gigantea

Coreopsis gigantea, or Giant coreopsis, is a Dalhia that forms a fleshy grey trunk, straight out of a Dr. Seuss book! The shrub flowers in the spring after the winter rains, shows it's lacy green foliage, and goes dormant all summer for the dry season. All that is left is the big, unusual trunk.